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a community of women embracing self-care in order to serve, shine and show up for what matters

Far too often we’re too tired, stretched thin, burned out and overwhelmed to fully realize the potential God has given us.

We’re called to be of service and to shine our unique light, but without taking the time to properly care for our own well-being, we fall short of completing our mission.

We can’t find the time, we don’t have the energy or we feel so depleted that we’re missing the mark.

This is not how God desires us to live and this does not represent Him well to those who are watching.

Often, what's missing is self-care, the practice of personally ensuring that your basic needs of great nutrition, adequate sleep, moving your body and getting enough rest.

Yes, self-care, is important, and doesn't have to be self-indulgent, self-absorbed or self-promoting.

Self-care, when done with the right heart and priorities, glorifies God, ensuring that we can show up for our assignments as the best versions of ourselves, continuously reflecting His image and impacting the lives of those we encounter.

So whether you’ve been trying to keep up with the world’s pace, simply don't know how to care for yourself along with your other obligations or want to develop a plan to maintain your wellness for the long run, I’d like to introduce you to

a community of women who love God and invest in their whole well-being in order to be of their greatest service

Sacred Space is a monthly membership that takes a mind-body-spirit approach to self-care, offering simplified science, spiritual strategy and sisterly support to help sustain you on your journey and set you up to successfully accomplish what you’re sent here to do.


Sacred Space is for you if:

  • you've replaced prayer and meditation with zoning out in front of the tv or mindlessly scrolling through social media
  • you describe your current exercise routine as "Exercise? Sure! I walk with Jesus daily."
  • your community or circle of friends has drastically decreased because of your focus on your craft and you often feel lonely, isolated or out of the loop
  • you've been led to believe that self-care is a self-indulgent act instead of a nourishing practice and investment that enables you to faithfully continue the work you're here to do
  • occasionally experience brain fog, feel disconnected and wonder why you're trying so hard
  • feel physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually drained
  • already have a self-care plan and wellness routine and want to learn how to keep them fresh and exciting
  • You've been inconsistent in your self-care and wellness routine and are ready for more
  • You know you've been putting everything and everyone before you and realize this isn't a sustainable lifestyle
  • You're tired of seeing the people in your life become sick, tired and overwhelmed and don't want to follow that same path
  • You want to be an example, a light even, for others to choose health, life and wellness
  • You know God has a purpose for your life and the only way to ensure that you're able to carry it out, is to build a sustainable wellness plan that puts Him first and keeps you well so you can serve others
  • You want the accountability and support that I can offer to help you stay on track

What you'll get each month with a Sacred Space membership:

  • a new and exclusive Holistic Health Coaching lesson derived from my Whole + Well framework // in written, audio, video or a combination of these formats
  • a new and exclusive Holistic Self-Care practice lesson // journaling, meditation, nutrition, breathwork, etc. to help expand your personal library of resources
  • Q & A Office Hours // designated office hours to answer your questions related to the content within the Self-Care Circle, your self-care practice and personal wellness routine
  • Additional information, recommendations, tips and resources // driven by your questions and the topics of the month

Plus, you gain Free access to Calm.com and the Calm App via our Health partnership, which will enable you to access meditations, breathwork exercises and exclusive music designed to help you, relax, focus and sleep.

My Whole + Well philosophy is simple:


In order to achieve wholeness and well-being, you need to...

  • Care for your mind, body and spirit
  • Curate work, spaces and relationships that are meaningful, nourishing and help you thrive
  • Cultivate your unique identity, what brings you peace and strategies to propel you forward

Examples of the types of Holistic Care Practices we'll cover:

    • Journaling
    • Art Therapy
    • Music Therapy
    • Aromatherapy
    • Sound Healing
    • Water Therapy
    • Guided Imagery
    • Social Support
    • Breathwork
    • Prayer
    • Ecotherapy
    • Integrative Nutrition
    • Meditation
    • Humor Therapy
    • Movement
    • Types of Medicine



Sacred Space is different than other health coaching and wellness programs because you'll:

  • receive ongoing support from a holistic registered nurse with over 13 years of nursing experience,
  • learn a variety of holistic practices (12+) that you can use to regularly refresh your self-care practice and enhance your wellness routine
  • receive spiritual, scientific and sisterly wisdom that's God-centered and amplifies your true nature
  • learn how to care for all aspects of who you are, instead of the more traditional focus of only diet and exercise
  • utilize the holistic practices to decrease any stress you're experiencing, prevent dis-ease, and boost your overall well-being

We often know exactly what we need - and what we don't - and could use a little nudge in the right direction. It's why I created Sacred Space, to hold space for you to pause and check in with yourself, to offer you a variety of tools, guidance and resources to build a self-care and wellness routine that works for you and evolves with you.

There is no right or wrong way. You simply need to show up for yourself and trust that God has everything under control.


How it Works:

Each month new content will be added to your membership library each month that you can access it at anytime. You'll get an email notification when your content is available.

You'll be able to post comments and questions each month about each topic. The comments section is an important key to your membership, as it's a great way to build community and reach out for support.

Join Tracie, a holistic nurse, wife and mother of 4, as she gathers women together to create sustainable wellness routines and teach self-care practices that ultimately bring glory to God.

Again, you’ll receive:

  • a monthly devotional – to intentionally seek and honor God for giving us life and to show respect/reverence for being as well as possible
  • holistic health coaching - focusing on my wholeness framework
  • a self-care restorative practice – that you can incorporate into your current wellness practice
  • monthly care circle gatherings – where we virtually come together for our self-care practice
  • monthly office hours - ask me your questions, gain clarity about your self-care practice and be heard in a confidential, safe space.
  • You also have access to the care circle library which includes inspirational graphics, quarterly challenges (digital detox, the write infusion, gratitude, affirmation), calendars, checklists, book and wellness product/app recommendations and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does The Care Circle start and finish?
The Care Circle starts as soon as you join. There is self-paced content that you can immediately access and new content added monthly. You get to decide when to access the content and community based on your needs and schedule.
How do I access to The Care Circle?
The Care Circle is available to you across any and all of your devices.
How do I pay for my membership?
The Care Circle is $47/month and is paid by credit or debit card. Your payment will automatically be deducted each month, and you can cancel your membership at any time. We use industry-standard security to process payments, and we never store your payment information on our servers.
Will I still have access to membership content if I cancel my membership?
No. Access to members-only content and features will be removed when you cancel your membership,
What if I have questions, but I'm unable to attend the monthly office hours?
Each month I set aside time just for you as a member of The Care Circle. If you are unable to be present to chat with me live, no problem. Submit your questions ahead of time, and I will address them during those office hours. You will receive my response via email.
Have another question?
Contact me at info@traciebraylock.com

Yes, you can enjoy a life that honors God while caring for yourself, doing work you love and being present with your family. But there's no need to do it alone. Sacred Space is here to surround you with love, grace, compassion and practical tools to live whole and be well for all that truly matters in your life.

Surround yourself with like-minded women who can encourage, support, challenge and propel you forward.

Enrollment for Sacred Space is opening soon. When you add your name to my mailing list, I'll notify you when The Sacred Space has opened.

Your Instructor

Tracie Braylock MSN, BSN, RN
Tracie Braylock MSN, BSN, RN

I'm a Holistic Nurse Educator and I create practical content to help women thrive at everyday life. I believe you're amazing and want to support you in bringing your A-game to every situation and relationship and, most importantly, to be at your best for yourself. I want you to thrive at home, at work and wherever your adventurous spirit takes you, so I write articles, books and courses at traciebraylock.com that help you share your brilliant presence with the world.

My work has been featured in MindBodyGreen, GaiamTV, The American Holistic Nurses Association, and more. I have a Bachelor's degree in Nursing, Master's degree in Nursing Education and certifications in Holistic & Integrative Health, Spirituality & Health, Prenatal & Postnatal Holy Yoga, Meditation, Healing Environments & Stress Management. I live & love this lifestyle and I'm excited to share it with you. You can learn more about all of my programs here.